Bestron AF357B Fritteuse : Enttäuscht und gefährlich

It’s perfect and a very good purchase. I thought i was taking a risk buying something so inexpensive – however, i’m pleasantly surprised. The device arrived in good condition (brand new and never used – unlike a different item i bought at the same time). It’s lightweight but not flimsy, pretty stable and sits sturdily right in place, functions perfectly and simple to use. Though it’s inexpensive, the material is a good quality and thin enough to heat up the oil quickly (i used about 3 liters of liquid frying oil sunflower oil to fill it to the minimum fill-line). The metal is actually black and not a coating, so no worrying about chipping or leaching. The basket can be set up on its little “hook” that easily hooks onto the sidewall of the device above the oil to allow the excess oil from the food to drip back into the basin of the device. It is big enough for a two or three family household when frying side-dishes. The cord is not that long and does not disconnect from the device itself (safer than a long cord in my opinion).

Bestron AF357B Fritteuse

  • Fritteuse
  • 2000W
  • schwarz

Bestron AF357B Fritteuse :